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“CRYO JUICE” NEIPA: My First Attempt at the “Style”

There’s a ton of hype surrounding the “New England IPA” style, and I decided to try my hand at brewing one with CRYO hops (something else I have no experience with). Now that I think of it – this is my first IPA…period. The breweries in my area haven’t really gotten into the style. I’m not sure if there’s resistance from the brewers, or if they just don’t think the Texas / Houston market is ready for the “haze craze”.

It seems as though consumers either love the style, or absolutely despise it. Up until I brewed this beer I was skeptical. Is it going to taste like yeast slurry? Is the “velvety” texture going to come off as slimy? How much flavor and aroma am I going to get with a very short boil on a small percentage of this huge hop bill? This brew day will answer those questions.

I’ve also been listening to several podcasts and reading a few blogs that have provided some recipes for the NEIPA. I decided on a recipe by Mike Tonsmeire – the Mad Fermentationist. He claims that this version is his best attempt at the style. This is the recipe that has gotten him the most flavor and aroma out of the hops. Full credit to Mike for the recipe!

Check out the recipe here!


100% Distilled Water

Brew Day Notes


Started a 1.5 liter starter in a 1.036 wort around 11 AM before I started heating the strike water. I started heating the water around 12:00 and mashed in at 12:40 in the RoboBrew. Strike temp was 163 and settled perfectly at 155. This mash was super thick! Probably a combo of the large amount of oats and the 1.7 qt / lb ratio.

I took a pH measurement 15 minutes into the mash and it was 5.36 – exactly what Bru’n Water said it would be.

Post mash gravity – 1.059

Pre-boil gravity – 1.049

OG – 1.056

Sparged cold and almost ran into a stuck sparge situation. It took a really long time. I’ll bump the rice hulls up next time to 1/2 lb.

Chilled with ground water down to 100 degrees and then transferred to the 6 gallon fermonster. Put in the ferm fridge and will pitch in the morning when it’s chilled to 67-68. The temperature controller is working well!


Pitched the starter at 6 AM and saw activity within 4 hours on the TILT.


Chugging along. Down to 1.044


Added 4 oz of each Citra and Mosaic to my stainless mesh dry hopping tube from eBay. 1.030


Down to 1.011. Kegged and added 1 oz of each CRYO Citra and Mosaic in the stainless mesh tube. Super juicy. Opaque, grapefruit flavor and aroma. Put it on 30 psi for 8 hours.

Tasting Notes


Yellow, opaque, small bubbles that stay around the outside edges. No sludge in the bottom.


Citrus, grapefruit, fruit, tropical. Nothing off – not that I can tell, anyway. The hop aroma is just insane.


Mind blowing fruit, grapefruit, just a slight bitterness – just a little less bitter than drinking grapefruit juice. Nowhere near the 91 IBUs that BeerSmith predicted. Liz even likes it! And she hates IPAs.


Smooth, heavy, juicy mouthfeel. Not slimy, not slick. I can’t believe how this thing turned out

My Opinion

I can’t believe how well this turned out – especially being my first attempt at the style. The smell of the citrus and fruit lingered in the kitchen for a few hours after racking into the keg…maybe it was the dry hop sludge in the trash can….mmmm….trash hops.

Liz says she likes it, too. And for someone who hates IPAs, that kind of confirms that the NEIPA is really an IPA for people who actually don’t want an IPA.

I’d love to see a place for this style in the BJCP guidelines in the future, but they’re so delicate, I’m not sure the hop flavor and aroma would hold up in the bottle between shipping and actual judging time. These beers are super delicate, and I predict most of this hop flavor and aroma will fall out within a month or so.

I’ll pull the keg hops out after a few weeks just so I don’t get any of the vegetal flavors that can come from leaving hops in a keg for a long time. Hopefully my friends will come over and help me empty this before it oxidizes.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask in the box below! Or shoot me an email at [email protected]