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Fermenting hefeweizen

New Recipe - EngagementOberfest Hefeweizen

We threw an awesome engagement / Oktoberfest party in 2018 and had this beer on tap – along with our Party Pilsner and our Märzen. This recipe is a classic 50/50 two row and wheat malt recipe. I fermented “warm” – at room temperature (75ºF) with WLP300 and took off the airlock for most of the primary fermentation.

As you can see in the image for this post – this yeast took off like gangbusters. I pitched at 8 am the morning after brew day and the gravity was down to 1.012 by 10 om the same night! As soon as the fermentation calmed down I put the airlock back on and changed its dirty t-shirt. And no – this beer wasn’t in any way “infected” or “contaminated” due to that open ferment and crazy blow off. So if it ever happens to you; don’t worry!!

I think the warmer temp and open fermentation really let the banana flavor and aroma shine in this beer.


Check out the recipe here!