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Red-Eye Breakfast Stout

Stouts and porters are by far my favorite style; both to drink and to brew. Since I’m a coffee lover, I love the rich, roasty and chocolate flavors found in these styles. Rumor also has it that brewing darker beers is “easier”, since these complex flavors and dark malts can cover up some off-flavors that could be present in lighter beers.

There’s something a little different about this stout recipe however. I like to take advantage of yeasts that like higher fermentation temperatures since I currently have no way of controlling my fermentation temperature. That being said; Saison (WLP566) yeast will be the secret weapon in this beer.

This beer ended up almost the way I wanted it. The only thing I’d like is a little more coffee flavor from the cold brew coffee addition. I’ll probably double the amount of cold brew for my next batch of this recipe. I’ll also consider using toasted flaked oats to get more of a toasty flavor to compliment the roasty.

A beautiful pour on a beautiful day

Red Eye Breakfast Stout

Batch Size: 1 gal
Estimated OG: 1.065
Estimated FG: 1.011
Boil Time: 60 minutes

Small Pot
Mesh Bag
Electric stovetop
Mini Big Mouth Bubbler

(80.6%) 2 lb 11.2 oz Pale 2 Row
(6.2%) 3.3 oz Crystal 120L
(6.3%) 3.4 oz Chocolate Malt 350L
(3.1%) 1.7 oz Flaked Oats
(3.9%) 2.1 oz Roasted Barley

0.2 oz Cascade (6.9 Alpha) – 60 minutes
0.2 oz “” – 5 minutes
0.3 oz “” – flameout

WLP566 Belgian Saison II

Other Stuff
1 tsp pure vanilla extract – secondary
1.0 oz cold brew concentrate – secondary

City of Houston tap water

Mash Schedule
152 F for 60 minutes
“Sparge” was pouring 168 F water over the bag of grains suspended above the pot in a collander

Brew Journal

9/10/16 – Brew day with Liz. First time brewing a stout. Mashed in at 154 F and put in a warm oven with the lid on the pot. Finished after a 60 minute mash at 152. OG was 1.070. Cooled to 76 F, poured into a one gallon mini big mouth bubbler and pitched a whole pouch of WLP566.

9/20/16 – Rocked to secondary one gallon jug. Put the yeast cake in the fridge and will use for another Saison later. FG was 1.014

9/26/16 – Added 2 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 oz of cold brew coffee concentrate.

10/4/16 – Bottling day. 8 bottles filled with 1 oz of corn sugar for the whole gallon.

10/30/16 – Tasting. Black, good dark bubbles and lasting head. Chocolate aroma with a little hint of coffee. More coffee next time. Maybe twice as much. Also may consider toasting the flaked oats. Malt forward, sweet and very roasty. Roasted barley is really coming through.