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Review: Keg Ninja Recipe Calculator and Keg 'Minder

I recently wrote a blog post reviewing the BrewCipher brewing calculator spreadsheet. As much as I enjoy using BrewCipher, I am always looking for new software. Whether that’s for brew day water calculations, recipe formulations, or even just for my own personal use for finances and keeping my life organized. I was browsing Twitter not too long ago and I came across a tweet from the handle @kegninja. One thing led to another and I discovered Keg.Ninja, the web-based recipe formulator, brewday calculator and keg ‘minder.

What is it?

Keg Ninja is a completely free web application by developer Sam Foust that allows you to build and store recipes, track the progress of each of your batches, and manage your packaged beers, be it homebrewed or commercial.

In the words of the creators of Keg Ninja, “KegNinja™ is a homebrewery planning tool that will let users keep track of how much beer they have, how much beer they are going to have, and how much beer they should have.”

When a beer is finished fermenting and is packaged in the keg, Keg Ninja has a digital tap list that will help you monitor the level pf your kegs. This helps your next brew day accordingly. Hopefully you’ll never run out of beer again!

How does it work?

The website, https://Keg.Ninja, includes excellent documentation on how to use every aspect of the application. The application is divided into four separate “objects”. They are as follows:

Recipe: The recipe builder is similar to many of the other recipe calculator out there. Keg Ninja has a very large list of ingredients to choose from, and you can even add ingredients to that list. You are allowed to create as many recipes and ingredients as you want. All for free! The recipes you create can then be organized into customizable folders.

Brew: When you have finished formulating a recipe, simply click or tao the “brew” button and you will be redirected to the brew day planner. The planner includes to-do lists and timers with audio. A pleasant British-sounding woman lets you know when the next step of your brew day is approaching. When the brew day is complete, your beer will be entered into your “pipeline” where you will track the progress of fermentation, conditioning and packaged beer.

Package: Once fermentation and conditioning is complete, simply click the “package” button. You will be able to specify whether the beer is bottled or kegged. If kegged, then you will be able to add your package to a “tap list”. Once packaged, you will be able to keep track of your beer by using the “drink” function. Keg Ninja even allows you to add commercial beer to your inventory.

Drink: When you log a drink, that quantity will be subtracted from the package so you always know how much beer you have on hand. The tap list will digitally display the remaining quantity of your kegs. You can setup profiles for the “drinkers” in your house to keep track of how many pints you drink on average.


  • The interface is attractive and easy to use
  • Equipment profile setup is very similar to other brewing software
  • It’s free! Just donate to help Sam maintain the product
  • The documentation includes an API to help incorporate into your web page / blog or other apps
  • Link to your Untappd account
  • Email Sam and he’ll email you back!


  • To my knowledge, Keg Ninja is a one man show. Hopefully the developer is able to handle the workload of increased users
  • On smaller screen sizes, the interface can be a little cumbersome. A small, cheap fire tablet is perfect for brew day
  • Online use only. I sometimes like to play with recipes where there is no internet.

My Experience with the Robobrew

I’ve had a great time brewing with the RoboBrew. I set up a profile for my Robobrew and all of the water quantities and temps were spot on. I have been homebrewing for a little over a year now and still haven’t forked out any money for the other paid softwares out there. There is plenty of excellent stuff out there that the homebrew community is producing for free! In order to keep things like Keg Ninja free, just send Sam a few dollars or a box of pop tarts so he can continue to improve and update the Keg Ninja application.