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Review | The Keg King Robobrew

I waited months to decide whether or not I wanted to replace my cooler-style brewing system with an all-in-one system. I read reviews, compared prices and finally made a decision. As soon as I was about to add a $1,040 all-in-one brewing system to my cart at Williams Brewing, there it was – the Robobrew had finally made its way to the US and Williams Brewing had them in stock. Better yet, it was half the price of the system I was about to purchase. So I went back to online reviews and reddit posts for a few weeks to see if anyone out there had used the Robobrew.

What few reviews I read were great, but they were from Australia. Redditors here in the US for some reason told me to shy away, even though none of them had actually used the Robobrew. Fast forward a few weeks and I pulled the trigger. The Robobrew shipped quickly from Williams Brewing and arrived well-packaged and ready to brew.

Out of the box the Robobrew is a beautifully designed machine. I saw no signs of metal shavings or machining oils that other reviewers has mentioned. The instruction manual was easy to follow and there are multiple YouTube videos produced by Keg King that walk you through a brew day and cleaning the Robobrew. The only thing I needed to do was brew!

Let’s jump into the review, shall we?

What is it?

The Robobrew is an all-in-one brewing system from Keg king in Australia. The machine has been around for a while in Australia and has taken form in three different models. over the past few year Keg King has produced three different Robobrew models. The newest unit with the recirculation pump and improved display is the one that has finally made it to the US With the Robobrew you can perform infusion and step mashes with more precise temperature control and more even heating than you would get from an Igloo cooler-type setup. The US version is 110v electric and I have had success with boiling up to 7 gallons of wort.

How does it work?

The 110v all-in-one electric brewing system uses a heating element, recirculating pump, temperature controller and backlit display. All of these features work in tandem to provide you with an accurate means of mashing your grains. You pour in your water, heat to mash temperature, dough in your grain and then let the pump recirculate the wort and maintain an even temperature for the duration of your mash. If your recipe calls for a step mash, then all you do is increase the temperature via the control unit on the front of the Robobrew.

Control panel on the RoboBrew

After your mash is complete, simply lift the grain basket out of the machine, rotate to rest the “legs” of the basket on the boil kettle. You’re now ready to sparge and increase the temperature to boiling. Once the boil is finished, use the included immersion chiller to cool your wort to pitching temps and then use the convenient ball valve to empty the cooled wort into your fermentation vessel.

Check out the video of my brew day with the Robobrew here.

Want to have your strike water ready to go in the morning? Set the delay timer for up to a week in advance and have your brew day ready to go as soon as you step into your home brewery.


  • Ball valve near the bottom of the kettle is great for transferring
  • Large, backlit, easy to read display
  • Handles on sides of unit to move if needed
  • Temperature dropped no more than 2 degrees from the set temperature


  • Temperature of wort at the top of the mash is about 5 degrees lower than the bottom (set your mash temp 2-3 degrees higher).
  • It’s a little short. You’ll have to get on your knees to read the display unless it is on a chair or work bench.
  • Does not include the silicone tube that attaches to the recirculating arm.
  • Immersion chiller is not copper. It’s some kind of aluminum or stainless.

My Experience with the Robobrew

I love the Robobrew! It made my brew day so much easier than my cooler method. Being able to mash and boil in the same vessel without having to move pots of boiling water around is a game changer. The ball valve at the base of the machine is extremely helpful when it comes time to transfer your wort into the carboy. And the price! You just can’t beat the current price of around $500 USD. I was more than happy with the temperature control. I never saw it fluctuate more than 2 degrees on the display.

The construction seems to be pretty solid and there were no excess machining oils or metal bits sticking out anywhere. The instructions included are very easy to follow and Keg King has several videos on YouTube walking you through assembly, a brew day and cleaning the Robobrew.

I will update this post with future brew days and any problems that I may run into. This thing makes me even more excited for the next brew day. Hopefully Robobrew and I will have many more brew days together in our future.

If you have any questions about the Robobrew please email or comment below. In the comments section there is no need to register. Just click “comment as a guest” and enter your name and email. Thanks again for reading and happy brewing!