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Saaz Saison Tasting Notes

I finally got around to bottling the Saaz Saison that my friends and I brewed a few weeks ago. The Saison started a little lower and finished a little higher than predicted, but it tastes great and was enjoyed by all on game night.

According to the hydrometer numbers, this beer is somewhere between 4.55% and 5.0%. The spice and earthy characteristics of the Saaz hops really compliment the earthy notes of the Saison yeast.


I think after a few more days in the bottles, the head retention should be a little better, but at 2.5 volumes of CO2 it seems a little lacking in head retention. They are small bubbles that fade quickly, but champagne-like bubbles seem to last in the glass. My biggest complaint about this beer is the clarity. It’s almost hazy like a New England IPA and I think that has a lot to do with my fermentation temperature control; which is non-existent


Earthy and spicy aroma from the Saison yeast and there is a complimenting earthy aroma from the Saaz hops. No signs of any DMS or diacetyl. Just a slight amount of citrus.


The flavor is similar to the Weedwacker Clone, but less bitter, less clove and less banana. It finishes dry and has a very light mouthfeel.

I think fermentation control is coming very soon to my brewhouse and will greatly improve the flavor and clarity of my finished beer. All of the tasters enjoyed it so much that we almost drank enough to have another brew day very soon.

I’m always open to suggestions on new recipes and techniques to try, so feel free to comment or email me. Thanks for reading!